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Interrogation Room

Interrogation Room is a new initiative launched by MSNBDR. What is it all about? DONT be terrified!!! Every month MSNBDR's fashion police will be on the lookout for interesting blog shops and they will randomly choose one particular blog shop, to do an interview with the owners (we call it BUSTED). This is a move to enable the shoppers to get to know the blog shop and their respective owners better thus creating a more comfortable environment for the shoppers and shop onwers..ENJOY!!

This month our fashion police Busted ....

the Iron Lady "Cat Yong"
Proud Owner Of Bagz Hauz Fashion

[Msnbdr] Are you doing this business just for the money or as a passion?

[Cat] I ventured into this online business to earn pocket money after I was forced to leave the workforce due to an injury..This business was meant to be a part-time thingy but it has now become rather full-time. So I'm doing the business for both the money and also my passion for fashion as I was afterall from the beauty industry prior! :))

[Msnbdr] How Long have you been in business?

[Cat] I started out in May 2009 but I stopped midway as the venture of selling preloved items was unsuccessful. I started sourcing around and eventually went into the business of selling brand new fashion bags (mostly imported from Taiwan or Korea) in February 2010 and started diversifying into selling branded (authentic designer) bags in April 2010.

[Msnbdr] When was the official launch of your shop?

[Cat] I started out with Hauz of Treasures back in May 2009.. and I do feature my fashion bags there under Bagz Hauz (a facebook page).. Just that as time passes, with more bags coming in, I decided to publish all my bags arrivals in a blog exclusively for my bags.. hence, the 'birth' of Bagz Hauz very own blog - Bagz Hauz Fashion (Aug 2010) (http://bagzhauzfashion.blogspot.com)

[Msnbdr] Do you plan to set uo a physical store in the future?

[Cat] Yes, it is in my thoughts for the future but the only setback with physical store for selling branded bags is the price as there'll be overheads and sadly, it will have to be built into the price of the bags to end customers which may make it unattractive.. :(

[Msnbdr] How fast do you reply mails?

[Cat] I access to my emails daily and is able to reply emails within next working day :)

[Msnbdr] While browsing through your site, we notice you have a sister site, tell us more.

[Cat] Oh yes, I was mentioning earlier that we started out as Hauz of Treasures and we featured our bags there. With the recent re-organization and followin the birth of our very own Bagz Hauz blog.. our initial blog - Hauz of Treasures has become our sister blog featuring primarily beauty related products for all the beauties out there :))
We in fact had a beauty page titled BeauTy Hauz in Facebook ('launched in June 2010 as the beauty arm extension of Bagz Hauz) where we had featured these items...
a) the BENEFIT Cosmetics imported from USA - It is San Francisco's beloved beauty brand that delivers quick fixes for every gal's peskiest beauty dilemmas...
b) the exclusive Frollic Shoes Footsie Roll - the emergency shoe every woman MUST own!
c) the VICTORIA SECRET Exclusive collections - namely the current VS Ultimate Make-Up Kit (and other exclusives - VS Chandelier Thong Sandals which was brought in upon requests from our clients)..
It is only after our recent re-organisation that we published these into our Hauz of Treasures blog :)
Do join in as our Fan of BeauTy Hauz too ^_^

[Msnbdr] What do you offer returning customers? Do u offer them special discounts or freebies?

[Cat] We do not normally offer discounts for our products (unless its CLEARANCE sales time where bags goes at rock-bottom prices and comes with freebies too) :)) We do however offer exclusive freebies to our returning customers (this is subject to the respective month's promotions)!!

[Msnbdr] How often do you update your shop?

[Cat] For fashion bags - it is updated approximately twice a month and for branded bags, we update as and when we spotted lovely new arrivals from the respective brands. All new arrivals will be updated on our Bagz Hauz page's albums in Facebook and updates announcements will be published on our blog - Bagz Hauz Fashion (http://bagzhauzfashion.blogspot.com) and Twitter too!!

[Msnbdr] Where do you get your inspiration from?

[Cat] I select the bags to be featured based on trends/new releases by respective brands only! I do not normally refer to magazines but instead, my 'keen' eye on fashion.. :P I select what I see as fashionable and sellable and suitable for beauties of all ages! :))

[Msnbdr] Do you personally choose the items available on your site?

[Cat] I select items personally from the websites to be featured on our site(s).. We do not normally keep much stocks in hand and most of our items (particularly branded ones) are only available via pre-order! For fashion bags, we do keep minimal ready stocks! Just drop us an email to enquire on stock availability - if they are readily available at our factory, then it be be delivered to clients within 7 working days after receipt of payment! :))

[Msnbdr] What future plans do you have for your site?

[Cat] At this juncture, being a fairly newbie in this online business and having just established the business not that long ago, I hope to gain more exposure  by promoting my Bagz Hauz to more people and to definitely to secure more business :)) We have launched a special year-end promotion and will run for 3 months! For more info on the Get A Free Bag Program Click Here
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