M Spotted !!!

MSNBDR Spotted! (New!!)

How is this work??

Well, when we randomly go through....... and SUDDENLY lil' charming pieces caught our attention, We will post it here! or maybe write about it...

So what do you think? Do stay tune for it! More to come!!


About Us

Welcome To MSNBDR!

Being the 1st of its kind (i suppose), MSNBDR was created to enable people to come together to one place to find online shops and salons with the latest news updates on promotions, sales and events. We do not sell any items on MSNBDR. We are only gathering all online blogshops, boutiques and salons into one central place for everyone & anyone to view and shop. We always believe, Fashion & Beauty walks hand in hand. Don't you agree?

The idea behind this directory is to expose thousands of online blogshops, boutiques and salons to customers like u & me and to enable online blogshops, boutiques and salon owners to promote themselves through such channel.

This site is also created to serve the online community as a platform for them to interact and share tips with each other. Regardless of anything, from food, fashion, makeups, movie, health etc! Is all about sharing!!

What We Do?

- We are a fashion and beauty directory.
- We review e-shops, inform e-shoppers what is new and hot. 
- We review fashion in general.
- We list updates on promotions, sales and offline sale.


For shoppers or sellers, if you have any tips or anything you think is worthwhile to share, like beauty, fashion, lifestyle… feel free to send me an email and I will published it.

How We can help you? 

For Readers:
To compile the best deals and items. To give shoppers a wider choice. To share tips, tricks, and etc....

For Shop Owners:
Of course to promote your items and your blogshop. The more exposure you get, the more traffic you get. So, why not?